YDA is a multidisciplinary group of architects, landscape architects, urban designers and researchers focused on visionary projects and qualitative architecture, with expertise in building technologies, sustainable strategies, and entrepreneurial endeavors.


YDA’s commitment stands on the belief that every project requires its own sets of rules to be both innovative and successful. Such dedication implies to apply a narrow focus throughout the creative process, fostering both playful and sharp designs.


Far from ephemeral trends and against commonly accepted clichés, our practice allows for creative sparks to ignite initiatives and explorations. Dealing with contemporary challenges, our work operates without any compromise to tackle unprecedented needs for a new content in architecture.

From global economic flows and communication technologies has emerged a quest for uniqueness through a variety of exhibitionistic architectures. Raising against these wandering empty forms that keep populating the surface of our planet as a resurgence of the totem age in architectural history, our collaborative layout enables us to fuel new content in architecture through social, economical and sustainable implementations.


Focusing on the user’s experience through light and material quality, our work is geared towards the creation of unique atmospheres, bringing together the poetics of space and the logics of building technologies. Reconstructing the world that surrounds us, our ambitions open up towards new design trajectories, engaged in contemporary challenges and their next evolutions.