Hanae Zellal

Architect, Project Manager


Hanae is a member of the YDA team since September 2015. Graduate from the National School of Architecture of Rabat in 2015, she was able to evolve within the agency as soon as she graduated.
Hanae, as an architect with a rich experience, knows how to design a project from sketch to delivery. She is able to work on the vast semantic field of space while addressing architecture, interior architecture, urban planning, scenography or object design.
Very creative, she has a solid knowledge of art, and masters many graphic representation softwares. She is versatile, sociable and passionate about art, photography and film.



Ecole Nationale d’Architecture de Rabat, 2009-2015.

Bachelor’s degree 2009.


YDA, Tangier, 2015-2018.



French, Arabic, English, spanish.