Material Transfiguration

Location: Cambridge Program: Prototype Size: 2sqm
Type: Research Status: Built


“Architects don’t make buildings; they make new ways of seeing […]. The ambition of an architect is simply to rebuild the world, to reconstruct our image of nature.” Mark Wigley.

Design could be conceived throughout scales, not only from the conceptual and visible domain of architecture, but from its very essence: matter. This research focuses on material metamorphosis from 3D prototyping to robotic design. This shift in scale opens up a new understanding of the material’s existence which transcends the way we engage with building technology and material science in architecture.

This research has been performed in partnership with Harvard Graduate School of Design and the Wyss Institute. The partition wall prototype was conceived through robotic means using a combination of wood and steel informing compelling patterns and spatial perceptions. Advanced geometry thus meets with tectonics, approaching building technology to inform the buildings of tomorrow.