Culture and Leisure Complex Tangier

Location: Tangier Program: Culture and Leisure Complex Size: 250.000sqm
Type: Study Status: Unrealised


Dominating the south bank of the Straits of Gibraltar, about fifteen kilometers from the south of Spain, Tangier sits at the intersection between Europe and Magreb. Due to its geographic location, the city has recently enjoyed an economic upturn.

With a population of over 700,000 inhabitants, Tangier is second only to Casablanca as Morroco’s largest economic hub. The population of the city is very young. It is a city abandoned by culture. But while there is little to offer, demand remains high.

There is a real desire among young people today to invest in art and culture. Many music, theatre, and film festivals take place in Tangier, and interest in this type of event is growing. This desire to renew the cultural richness of the city is led by many local artists, who agree that it is high time to take part in reconstructing a Tangerian cultural scene.