Connected Environments

Location: Berlin Program: Olympic Ground Size: 120.000sqm
Type: Competition Status: Idea


Space versus Architecture.

Think of an architecture where each step would lead to a different universe, a distinct environment. Think of a space in constant metamorphosis, without rupture nor barrier.

The pluralistic programs of the Schindler Award Competition to design Berlin’s new Olympic grounds led to regard functions separately. Isolated at first and circumscribed into the same circular shape, a very specific space smoothly arose from each program.

Taken out from this holding tank, volumes were then connected one by one, like a chain made of heterogeneous atmospheres. Continuity is created through a set of fragments, revealing a succession of unique spaces melting into a global fluid one. As each volume was designed to be an independent environment, the complex’s outlines are made ambiguous, highlighting the mutual tension between space and architecture.