Architecture without Synthesis

Location: Versailles Program: Public square Size: 1.500sqm
Type: Tender Status: Idea


How would it be to consider architecture without synthesis? Different from converging elements leading toward a unified whole?

At first, let’s grasp the components’ various energies, and leave them free to pull naturally in different directions. Programmatic fragments are therefore scattered, and through their potential expansion can be connected in a kind of unpredictable way.

When heterogeneous functions are thus related, from their mixed condition can emerge a specific event. With no purpose to reach any fixed state of completion, this nexus of intensities remain mostly undefined. This way, architectural impact made ambiguous is softened, and its plurality tends to make the whole disappear.

In architecture without synthesis, neither opposition nor reconciliation occurs. There is neither compromise, nor supremacy. Elements simply coexist, without having been rigidly set.